These words are not from any PR rep, not from a marketing person or anything like that. These are my words… straight from the heart.


I wanted to add this section to explain who I am because of it's importance to my work. I've been fighting different battles for most of my life. I've lost both my parents early on, I've had 10 surgeries on various parts of my body ranging from multiple work done on both knees to the repair of a blown blood vessel. I've been diagnosed with bipolar, I'm dyslexic (never read a book), I've lost my sense of smell (weird). I've been hit by 3 cars, been shot at a few times. I use to smoke pain pills and my drinking was legendary (at it's peak I was drinking about a gallon of rum every 1 or 2 days). And that isn't even close everything… but fast forward.


I've been able to turn it around and focus on the amazing sides of my life. I learnt how true inner belief can carry you over the nonsense. I've turned my opinion into the most important opinion in my life, nor do I seek the approval of ANYONE on this planet. I've surrounded myself with only AMAZING people because I truly believe if you know 99 crackheads, your probably 100. I'm a FREE thinker who doesn't watch the news. And I'm quick to tell people who say 'stay grounded', to put your 'got dam wings back on and catch up.'


The two sides of my life have been equally important to me. Truly Grateful for both. I could have given up on myself along time ago, but I believe we all have gifts and too few of us are willing to open them up. So I worked on Me, worked on baring with myself, then liking myself, to these levels of Pride & Love of Myself. I dug myself out the trash and committed to being GREAT. This is where my work comes in. Everything I paint on is thrown out garbage. Old doors, beer caps, forklift pallets, bullet shells, newspaper, etc. My art, like myself have become an example for second chances, for not reading a book by it's cover.  


I not trying to recycle the earth... I'm recycling me.