A self taught painter and graphic designer, Voodo Fe’ has succeeded in establishing a distinct and recognizable style.  In keeping with his consistent drive to transcend boundaries, Fe’s artwork reflects a stylized technique that accents bold colors with commonly used and frequently underappreciated items.  Known most notable for his use of beer bottle caps his creations maintain a distinct signature style.  Forever the nonconformist, Fe’s paintings find their expression on discarded doors, pieces of wood, and mattresses reflecting his central theme to show the potential and often unacknowledged value of things deemed worthless.   

The popularity of Voodo Fe’s art is undeniable as his artwork can be seen in various places all over NYC, New Jersey & Virginia.  His creations transcend cultural boundaries finding homes in the popular locales of the Lower East Side nightlife and the renowned galleries of the Chelsea art world.  He has been a featured artist in Adult Icon's Heather Hunter’s Artcore NYC and is a frequent contributor to Sound of Art exhibitions.  Voodo Fe’ art patrons have been very satisfied with their original pieces as Mathelier’s artwork is undoubtedly a great addition to the ambience of any location as well as a wonderful conversation piece. 

Regarded as one of the industry’s edgiest, most innovative and distinct artists, Voodo Fe’ Leon Mathelier has forged a career that transcends music genres and artistic medium. Born to Leon and Feronie Mathelier and the youngest of three boys, the native Brooklynite displayed a propensity for the arts early on.  Expressing his colorful imagination through sketches of interesting little characters or designs of unique fashions, Mathelier found both escape and acceptance through art, fashion, and music.

 The cliché “Jack of all trades, master of none” certainly does not apply here.  Voodo Fe’ has continued to be an accomplished and much sought after contributor to the lifestyle and cultural industries.  His art has been displayed in over 50 gallery and alternative viewings, his fashions have been produced by Calvin Klein, G-Unit, Ecko and NJ Nets and his music has been voted the 'Best Live Alternative Band' by the VILLAGE VOICE.  Forever ambitious, Mathelier continues to work to push the boundaries of his accomplishments.

I spent my early years in Brooklyn, around beer cap flooded streets . The different colors from the caps made the streets look like an abstract piece of art... and messy at the same time. It wasn't until years later, while searching for a release from My Mother's Passing, that I started painting using garbage (oh wait, I think I'm suppose to say 'Recycled Item' or some crap like that... sorry). I like the idea of using these thrown out items and making diamonds out of them. I’ve been able to turn a self-destructive lifestyle, years of physical & mental health issues and 2 bouts with homelessness into cleaning up my life so I am now in the best health I’ve ever been… & launching my own creative company... and think about how much money I save on paint... HA!!!

Beerfest - (Beer Convention) - Richmond, VA
The SKINnY - (Bar / Lounge) - New York, NY
Max Fish - (Bar / Lounge) New York, NY
Brooklyn Circus - (Upscale Clothing Store) - Brooklyn, NY
Ballet Next - (Dance Company) - Brooklyn, NY
Diana Ross Concert - Connecticut
Park Slope Eyewear - (Eyewear Store) - Brooklyn, NY
BOB'S - (Bar / Lounge) New York, NY
Camp, Cobble Hill - (Bar / Lounge) New York, NY

Carl Banks (NY GIANTS)
Donnell Rawling (Comedian - Chappelle's Show)

GO BROOKLYN - Brooklyn, NY

GRP Gallery - Brooklyn, NY
219 Art Space - Brooklyn, NY
Art House North - Brooklyn, NY
Distillery Art Gallery - Jersey City, NJ
Gallery 5 - Richmond, VA
BeerFest - Richmond, VA
99% Gallery - Brooklyn, NY
Elegba Folklore Society Art Space - Richmond, VA
Art-Core Art Gallery - Brooklyn, NY
The White Room Art Gallery - Brooklyn, NY
HRGRP Gallery - New York, NY
A.I.R. Gallery, Chelsea NY
La Familia - Brooklyn NY
Ocean Hill Art Sanctuary and Gallery - Brooklyn NY
Valencia Gallery - Brooklyn NY
The Bat Haus Co Working Space, Bushwick Brooklyn NY
MAX FISH - New York, NY
VON'S - New York, NY

The Vander Ende-Onderdonk House - Brooklyn, NY